Young Living Essential Oils and biblical Christianity

Young Living is a huge hit with protestant Christians.  The company caters to them with such pseudo-science, pseudo-historical nonsense as Essential Oils of the Bible.  But is Young Living’s philosophy consistent with biblical Christian beliefs?  Nooooo.

Graphic from a YL distributor’s website

I’ve never been much for worrying over New Age/occult stuff, it almost seems too silly to take seriously.  But Young Living is absolutely saturated with New Age/New Thought mumbo-jumbo, and Christians are swallowing it (and diffusing it) at an alarming rate.

If the weird spiritual jargon used by Young Living concerns you as a Christian, you might want to check out this article from April 2014.  Not scholarly, but worth a read:

Aromatherapy: Biblical Path to Healing or Demonic Deception? by Chuck and Julie Cohen

“New Thought is directly relevant to the Young Living Company because the idea creates a false premise that the healing we achieve and its philosophical connection is interchangeable with the Christian worldview. Accordingly, the broader scope of aromatherapy should be understood as compatible with biblical Christianity. This is the deadly poison, for once this idea is accepted, it is then just a small step toward adopting other dangerous medical practices, or other paths that lead further into the occult.”