Skeptical links for essential oils and multilevel marketing

Links re: the medical use of essential oils and the recent explosion of people (mostly “natural mamas”) selling them via multi-level marketing (MLM) aka network marketing (Young Living Essential Oils and doTERRA).

Latest links:

9/25/14: FDA Warning Letters: Young Living, dōTERRA Consultants Must Cease Marketing Claims That Essential Oils Fight Disease

7/18/14: Young Living Farms Wacky Somolian Adventures from

Video: Sultan Yusuf Salah Response to “Gary Young: A Somalian Adventure”

How can essential oils be a scam, if so many people have testimonials of their miraculous benefits? Enlightening links from Wikipedia:

From Skeptoid:

Info about D. Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils.

D. Gary Young’s official bio and blog

1980’s flashback!  Gary in the news:

A Critical Look at Gary Young, Young Living Essential Oils, and Raindrop Therapy [Note: This was originally published on Quackwatch but from what I can gather, Young Living threatened a lawsuit so it was taken down.  It has been republished on a doTERRA distributor’s website, they are Young Living’s competition.]

The Missing Link: A lecture by D. Gary Young – Recorded in 1988, still used as training material by Young Living distributors all over the internet.

Misc links: